Ekin Fil
LP HMS 048

Tiny Mix Tapes / Chocolate Grinder

July 2018

The sounds conjured by Istanbul's Ekin Fil are just that: conjured from the ether. If you press play on any of her records, released since 2013 by the likes of Students of Decay, Bathetic, Sacred Phrases, and the Helen Scarsdale Agency, you may find yourself confronted with a sonic ghost, sending you messages from beyond. Ekin's works sound as if they come to her, rather than by sitting down at the piano or guitar and piecing together notes and chords. The songs she composes convey a loneliness and isolation that's hard to put into words, except that when you make the connection upon listening, the impact is immediate and deep.

Trends continues on her latest, Maps, which comes out August 17 via Helen Scarsdale Agency, which features an appropriately ethereal, haunting clip for “Nocturnal Arc,” directed by HSA's Jim Haynes. All I can say is that you should turn the lights down low, light a few candles, put on those headphones, and get lost in Ekin's otherworldly sounds. -- Jason C.