Ekin Fil
Cassette HMS 044

Bandcamp Hi-Bias

November 17, 2017

Ekin Fil's music is so evocative and textured, it often feels like a soundtrack in search of a movie, so it seemed like just a matter of time before someone asked her to design a soundtrack for a real movie. The 19 short tracks on Inflame score Ceylan Özgün Özçelik's film of the same name, a psychological thriller which is, as Fil explains, "about the contemporary world in which the truth is being challenged and replaced by something called post-truth. This is already worrying."

That worry is reflected in Fil's pieces, which pulse with suspense and tremble with ominous reverberation. Her music also reflects the physical environment that frames the film's mood. "The gentrification of İstanbul is one of the important aspects of the movie," Fil says. "I tried to reflect this never-ending noise in the background of the city, as well as [the protagonist] Hasret's inner turmoil. This included trying to create a tense atmosphere that relies on cold sounds and glitches."

Fil's soundtrack contains hints of horror movie tropes in its rippling synths and swelling, voice-like tones. But she arranges those familiar elements in surprising ways, as if turning a John Carpenter piece inside out. She cites the influence of Good Time, whose score was created by Oneohtrix Point Never, as well as 20th century Russian/German composer Alfred Schnittke. But Inflame has an aura all its own, one that could only come from the well-developed vision that Fil brought to it. - Marc Masters