Ekin Fil
Cassette HMS 044

Vital Weekly

December 2017

Ekin Fil is the name and the Agency calls her "Istanbul's drone-pop producer" with her first soundtrack "in her impressive catalogue of recordings". Inflame is a movie from this year by Ceylan Ozgun Ozcelik shown in Berlin and SXSW festivals. As the label doesn't mention this, IMDB offers this summary: "A News Channel employee Hasret, has been seeing the same nightmare for some time. Through recurring nightmares, a question creeps into her mind: Is it possible that her parents were not killed in a traffic accident twenty years ago but have died in some other, horrific way?" Okay, clear, and it surely offer an explanation to the soundtrack by Fil. She uses synthesizers and electronics in the nineteen relatively short pieces on this cassette. The brief character of these pieces makes it all a bit fragmented, sketch like, more incidental pieces than a proper song if you catch my drift. I have no idea how soundtracks are made, but I suspect that a composer delivers pieces like this, which can be stuck onto scenes as background music. Ever since everyone liked the Stranger Things soundtrack I have been listening more actively to that sort of music and I can see a relation with the music by Ekin Fil. A bit of cosmic music doodling, a bit of arpeggios, some rhythm machine (4/4 beat, slow) to make it more now than 70s and everything is quite dark and down, which no doubt fits the big screen. Maybe is is an illusion but some of these pieces sound very alike, and I was thinking, "didn't I just hear this?", but like I say, maybe it was an illusion. The final piece, "I Remember (End Credits)" is quite a clich├ęd end piece, with a female voice humming. Throughout however this was a very enjoyable release, not just the soundtrack to a movie, but also the fine soundtrack to a very dark and grey day. Surely something that lifted my spirit! - Frans De Waard