Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
August 53rd
LP HMS 043

February 2018

Released on February 23rd, 2k18 via the ever active imprint The Helen Scarsdale Agency is August 53rd the fresh and absurdly named album by the mysterious Fossil Aerosol Mining Project based somewhere in the mid-western territories of the US. Seemingly, and according to the albums release sheet, pre-dating their 2015 released albumThe Day 1982 Contaminated 1972 the nine tracks on this longplay piece take us into realms of cold experimentation and collage, starting with the alienated Ambient of "July Melody" followed by the warped take on Psychedelia and Instrumental Country that is "The Failed Resurrection Of Easy Listening" and the cryptically named "V-Broadcast (Closed Circuit) 1986" which fuses warm pads, mysterious, echoing rhythm signatures and an omnipresent overall feeling of calmness that's occasionally interrupted by interfering cut up techniques. The "Monroeville Detrius" turns out to be a highly bent alien transmission of unknown origin, spreading a feel of lurking dangers and otherworldy tension, "Aestas Anatis 2016" deals with backwards guitars and a blurry Indietronica vibe which some might associate with early works of Senking or the dreamy Post-PostRock of Aosuke whereas "Retail Retrospect" seems to resemble Field Recordings from an industrial environment in a retrofuturist future past and the concluding "1991 from 2015" weighs in some more frosty Ambient vibes and intense mechanical movements found in a deep space, defo non-human manufacturing plant of sorts. Conceptual stuff for conceptual people.