Fosil Sangiran
Khayal Kuno & Fosil Pasar
Cassette HMS 046 & HMS047

The Wire
June 2018

In August 2017, multimedia artist Matt Shoemaker ended his own life, sending waves of shock and sadness through Seattle’s close-knit sound art community. Shoemaker was a deep listener who used space, electricity, archaic rhythm boxes and layered field recordings to create music that sounds both spacious and teeming, often running signals through elaborate spring reverb systems made from Slinkies dangling from hand-built contraptions. These two new posthumous releases as Fosil Sangiran were recorded during an extended stay in Indonesia from 2012–13. They pulse and glow with the same surreal, synaesthetic logic that permeates Shoemaker’s extraordinary paintings. This is genuinely haunting music, brimming with living energy that simultaneously evolves as it dissolves. In one sense, these openended sonic explorations are capstones on a career that ended far too soon; in another, they are portals to a realm where Shoemaker’s visionary spirit dwells indefinitely. -- Emily Pothast