Junkie Flamingos
Lemegeton Party
LP HMS 051

A Closer Listen

May 2019

Sigurtà is also a member of Junkie Flamingos, a new dark-ambient/industrial group whose debut has just been released by the Helen Scarsdale Agency. In addition to Sigurtà, the group is comprised of Alice Kundalini (She Spread Sorrow) and Daniele Delogu (Barbarian Pipe Band). Where Goddess draws inspiration from silent film divas, Lemegeton Party takes as its point of departure the German Romantic poet Freidrich Hölderlin’s epistolary novel Hyperion. That novel is a tale of overcoming tragedy and embracing nature, which registers in the album’s lyrics perhaps more so than its formal qualities. While it’s a far cry from a pop record, it’s certainly much more accessible than Luigi Nono’s homage to Hyperion in Fragmente-Stille, an Diotima. The music is far from the serene reflection of Goddess, instead leaning into an unsettling and bleak atmosphere. Kundalini’s whispered lines add to the overarching tone, resisting melody and rhyme.

Lemegeton Party begins with the "Evening of our Days," a sparse, nearly 8 minute-long dark ambient track that serves fairly well as a statement of purpose. The mood is grim, with slow burning arrangements and desolate soundscapes. This isn’t music you put on to dance to, it should go without saying, but perhaps would be suitable soundtrack to an insomnia spell after a late night of clubbing. The effect isn’t so much as narcotic as narcotic hangover. Stripped down drum machine patterns contribute to the lethargic feeling of the album, an insistent minimalism that creates a hypnotic, occasionally psychedelic effect. "Restless Youth" is no less plodding but comes closest to a pop song, if exceptionally misbehaved.

Each of the trio brings their separate skills to Junkie Flamingos, with the result being a unique meeting point, but it is Kundalini’s vocals that really elevate Lemegeton Party. The backing tracks are mostly cold repeated loops and sparse rhythmic patterns, which are brought to live by Kundalini’s breathy delivery with a mixture of sorrow and contempt. Where the instrumental Goddess pays homage to the film divas who we know only as silent characters of yesteryear, Lemegeton Party calls attention to the uncanny disembodied voice of sound recording. - thenewobjective