Junkie Flamingos
Lemegeton Party
LP HMS 051

Beach Sloth

May 2019

Mysticism rolls through the heart of Junkie Flamingos’ post chillout room aesthetics of the tactile Lemegeton Party. Things are kept at the essentials while the whole of the album opts for a ceremonial tact. Everything works wonders with the vocals front and center. Lyrics have a cryptic quality to them while they are delivered in a surreal dreamy fashion. Arrangements do a perfect job in tapping into an otherworldly form of industrial. Highly immersive these pieces require headphones for they are small little secrets shared with the listener, virtually whispered into the ear. Intimacy truly guides the entire journey for various elements filter in and out of the mix making it impossible to focus.

With an arrangement sounding akin to wind blowing and sounds filtered through static, "Evening of Our Days" has a compelling quality to it. Hints of groove take hold on in the woozy world of "Goetia." Sounds bounce off each other in slow down while the vocals get morphed into alien transmission. Various shards of melody emerge out of the sonic ether. Percussion becomes emotionally charges on "Shape of Men" for the tempo refuses to settle. By far the highlight of the album comes with the stately grandeur of the after-party sound of "Restless Youth". The groove here takes a sly take as it evolves in a graceful fashion, as it becomes virtually eternal. Junkie Flamingos make the beat sound like it downed a bottle of Robitussin and is having some rather heady thoughts. Existence in a vast cavernous space closes the thing out with "The Language of Slaves."

Full of shadow and mystery, Junkie Flamingos craft something truly captivating on Lemegeton Party.