Junkie Flamingos
Lemegeton Party
LP HMS 051

The Vinyl District

May 2019

Luca Sigurtà, Alice Kundalini, and Daniele Delogu are Junkie Flamingos. Each comes to the project, which began in 2017, with prior experience; Sigurtà as an electronic artist, Kundalini for the "death industrial" solo project She Spread Sorrow, and Delogu as a member of the "bombastic folk" outfit Barbarian Pipe Band. Together, this is their debut, and it is my introduction to the three artists’ work. The quoted descriptors of Kundalini’s and Delogu’s earlier stuff had me thinking (hoping) I was gonna get something in the zone of Nurse with Wound and Current 93. Well no, but the descriptor "narcotic" does get used, and it lends credence to the cited comparison to Coil. Kundalini is at the forefront. Things move slowly, yes, but effectively.