Kate Carr
It Was A Time Of Laboured Metaphors
Cassette HMS035

The Out Door

March 2016

There’s a 3-D quality to Kate Carr’s work, but I’m not sure what those three dimensions are. When I listen to It Was a Time of Laboured Metaphors I feel like I’ve stepped into something, but it’s not a room or an environment or some virtual analog to a physical space. It’s more like a realm that’s equally mental and concrete, a hybrid of thoughts and objects where the two affect and shape each other so much it’s impossible to uncouple them. This is not to say that Carr blurs and drowns her field recordings until they become unmoored from their sources. There are quite a few spots where the sounds are very recognizable – including the sudden beep of a car horn that never fails to jolt me – but even those bear a layer of unfixed abstraction, as if they have just pierced the surface of reality, just begun to unshackle themselves from the chains of finitude. Which makes it ironic – and great - that Carr’s titles often mention specific places (Berlin, Tokyo, Velez Rubio, etc). This tape is a travelogue for sure, but one that uses what already exists to journey somewhere that hasn’t been mapped yet. -- Marc Masters